Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs: Walkthrough

  1. The very beginning
  2. Banquet for Lily
  3. Against inbound waters
  4. Gate, neck, loop
  5. Scott and the Bible
  6. In the firebox
  7. In the nest with eggs
  8. The world has flowed
  9. All the same
  10. From sea to mountain ranges
  11. Dancing children
  12. Sabersant Mandus
  13. All for their sake
  14. The cultivation of the world
  15. The veil rises, the bride waits
  16. Mundus goes down to the spirits
  17. Enoch, Edwin, Oswald and I

The game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs tells the story of the industrialist and inventor Oswald Mundus, who created a machine that, in his opinion, can change the world. She earned a lot of positive reviews from critics and reviews from well-known game publications. Throughout the entire journey of the main character, intrigue is preserved, reinforced by the eerie atmosphere. This is probably what drives many players to go through Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. System requirements for it are low, so it is easy to run on computers with average characteristics.

The game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs tells the story of the industrialist and inventor Oswald Mundus, who created a machine that, in his opinion, can change the world The very beginning

Waking up in bed, he gets down on the floor. His eyes are clouded, his legs do not obey, he does not remember what happened to him. But he is sure that he has heard the voices of his children and must definitely find them.

When the main character of the action Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs focuses, we look around the room. We find the door, exit, turn right, then left, right at the door and up the stairs. At the end of the corridor pull the handle hanging from the ceiling to lower the stairs leading to the attic. There the hero will wait for the lantern, which is very prudent, given his vague look and a large number of dark places in the game.

There the hero will wait for the lantern, which is very prudent, given his vague look and a large number of dark places in the game

In the depth of the attic will be a low passage. We pass into it, pushing the large box. Further the spacious room will seem, interest in which will be represented only by a big ladder. On it, and will have to go down. There we find a half-open door, because of which the phone rang. We go there and take the phone. We listen to a strange speech, we pull the lower gun hanging on the wall, and we pass into the room after the picture. There we raise the lever, we get into the corridor and go in the last door on the left side.

Banquet for Lily

At this level, passing the game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs involves performing a few simple actions. To do this, go down the stairs, turn right, in the room with a billiard table, find the bathroom, move the picture on the wall, pull the lever and go in the opened passage. There, having found the valve, we turn it. What he activates is not yet clear.

Now to the left of the stairs, through the banquet room to the room with the exhibits of animals. Cabinet with stuffed bear moves away, and behind it hides the room where the second valve is located. It's time to go back to the banquet room.

It's time to go back to the banquet room

It has a door leading into a long narrow corridor. There is a telephone hanging there, and someone is ringing aggressively. Pick up the phone and find out that we are playing for a character named Mundus. We open the door, which is in the same corridor, we leave to the street, we cross the yard, we go in the door, which leads into the accomodation with the valves. Then again we get to the street, we reach the gate in front of the truck, turn right and go down.

It is difficult not to notice how, in the process of searching, Mundus profusely hallucinates - he hears voices and sees images. It is evident that he is bad. But in this case, these visions are unmistakable landmarks along the way.

Against inbound waters

The first thing to do in this location is to open the gate. A person cannot cope with this, so it is necessary to start three engines, two of which with burnt fuses, which are lying around with a lot.

Next to the first engine is the valve, turn it. Through the lattice it will be visible how the wooden platform falls. We go there, pull the lever under it and, as soon as the barrels roll, we go up. There we find and launch the remaining engines. Opposite to the last the lattice should rise. We pass there, go down the stairs, reach the round door and open it by turning the valve.

We pass there, go down the stairs, reach the round door and open it by turning the valve

To open the next such door, go to the dashboard and raise the lever located on it. Turn around and see two valves with a switch set to the “OFF” position. First turn the left valve, then put the switch to the "ON" position and turn the right valve. Next, lower the lever on the instrument panel and go through the opened door.

Gate, neck, loop

The next level of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs begins in a dark room with green walls, dark gray dirt from the ceiling and wiped carpets on the floor. Somewhere in the depths, the phone rings and plays a gramophone, from which eerie howls flow. And no matter how much Magnus wants, he will have to go there.

We listen to the voice from the tube and move on. Ahead of the cabinet. We approach the table, we look in the boxes, we experience a small clouding of reason and we leave into the door to the left. We go along the corridor, we pass into another building and we go down on the stairs. There will be a cart driven by pigs and a gasoline pump. While there is nothing to do here, we go in the opposite door.

Behind it will be a room with pigs hanging from the ceiling. Turn right and climb out the window. We go along the lane, we reach the gate in front of the church. You need to get there, but a truck gets in the way. We move to the end of the street, go into the garage room, take a canister there and go back to the fuel pump. Having filled the container, we approach the truck, we drive it away, we reach the church and go inside.

Scott and the Bible

Mundus thought he would be safe in church. But it turned out that this is the most terrible place of those in which he had already managed to go.

We reach the stairs leading down, we find a room with a large number of shelves, we take a candlestick and go up to the church hall.

We reach the stairs leading down, we find a room with a large number of shelves, we take a candlestick and go up to the church hall

There, behind the altar, we insert the second candlestick into an empty space, next to the first one, and turn them towards each other. Then we light all the candles, head to the room to the right of the altar, pull the lever, go back and go down to the basement room.

Below we make our way between the cells, but we do it carefully, as the territory is patrolled by a dangerous creature. It turns out that in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs monsters are less common than the Sumatran rhinos, so you cannot kill it. Quietly, turning off the lantern, we wait for the monster to pass by, and then sneak to the door and go to the next level.

In the firebox

The old, shabby building that arose on the way is the Mendus meat processing factory. Is such a huge building belongs to him? Isn't it his fault that his children are missing? Well, you need to go and find out.

We go to the factory, go down and move past large mechanisms. We rise up, we answer the phone call, then we go back, we go down on the stairs and we pass under the lattice.

There will be 3 rooms, each with two stoves. On average, the control panel with three levers. To activate it, you need to ignite all the furnaces by adding two pieces of coal. After that, the lights go out and two monsters appear. One immediately, and the second - a little further. We wait until they pass, and continue to move, occasionally turning on the lantern to light the way. We pass to the shipping belt, go down it, move to the left side, reach the end, climb the stairs and climb into the cargo lift.

In the nest with eggs

The lift was unreliable. He started shaking, and he crashed down with a crash. The blow was strong, so it took Mundus time to recover. The phone rang again, it's time to move on.

We leave the lift and answer the call. We turn the corner and get into the room, similar to the surgical room. There will be an iron door. You can not even pull it, it is closed. But you will have to open it, but for now we are going down. In the middle of the room there will be a centrifuge, go to the passage with the inscription "Low-temperature pressure", pull the lever at the end of the path, take the capsule, put it in the pneumatic device, send it to the centrifuge and go back.

Now we go to where it says "Pens". We move quietly, as a monster can wander nearby. We reach two gutters, from them to the left through the door, we go down and, answering the bell, we go up the other stairs. There we find the pneumatic tube, insert the capsule and ship the package. We return to the centrifuge and obtain the desired substance. We carry it to the closed door, pour it onto the lock, direct the tube light, wait for the end of the reaction and ... the path is clear.

The world has flowed

So, Mundus reached the collector, but he was flooded. Below him not to go down, everywhere this stinking slush. Definitely, to pump it out, pumps are needed. Only you need to look carefully, somewhere in the depths of the tunnels the enemy is roaming.

To get to the next level of the game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the passage must be divided into several stages.

First we move straight, climb the metal bridge, turn left, go straight, then right, reach the lattice (remember it), from it to the left, then right, right again, turn left to the room with the valve, turn it and return to that lattice. We penetrate the door with the inscription "Latch 1", further along the bridge and return, but on the other side.

Now you need to open two other valves. To do this, go straight ahead, then turn left, so that you are facing those valves, and moving towards them, turn right, we find the valve and open it. Everything, latches are open, and behind them and a door leading to the following location.

All the same

It is difficult to get lost here, so we move, reach the chambers in which the monsters are held, find the stairs down and go down it. Further - easier. Having appeared in the big pipe, we move in it, going down more deeply and more deeply.

From sea to mountain ranges

The first pump is finished, but there is another one ahead. It seems that Mandus will have to solve a few more puzzles in order to continue.

We move forward to the stairs and ascend along it. We pass on top and in the same way we go down. Further we reach the next ladder, we rise, we find the valve and we turn it. Now we go down, turn right and go to the "Premises of the main pump." There we find the pump control panel, but we cannot start it right away, because the device lacks gears. They are lying around. We find them, put in place and turn the valve. We go into the large hall, we find the stairs, we get down to the tier below, we reach the round door and we go inside.

Dancing children

Mandus is in a large room, like a sewer. Around a lot of large and small pipes. There are loudspeakers in the corners, and a staircase stretches far down the walls. That's where he needs to be.

At the end of the stairs there will be an elevator. Sit in it and go down even lower. Coming out of the elevator, we go to the right, we find the control panel, but first we do not touch it. We continue further down the vertical stairs and see several tanks, one of which is closed. Open it, go back to the panel and direct all switches to the left.

Now we pass by the elevator, go up, we find two long levers, pull the left one first, then the right one and watch a short video. Another chapter of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is over.

Sabersant Mandus

In his last vision, Mundus finally saw his children. They stood right in front of him. It does not matter that the guys held their own hearts in their hands. The main thing - he is already very close.

At this level, we find a ladder, go upstairs, reach a room with a large number of appliances, stop the work of two of them by removing the fuses, and pull the lever opposite. We return to the stairs and turn left, go down below, crawl under large tanks and ... lose consciousness.

We come to our senses and try to disable the pressure regulation system. A monster walks nearby, so we very quietly find three regulators. In the first two we break off the pipes, and the third break the gear, lying around. Then we go up the stairs and get through the pipes to the elevator.

All for their sake

Having broken the work of the car, Mundus got out into the street and immediately understood what mistake he had made. The city was in a panic. Everywhere frightened screams of people and a terrible roar of monsters reach, grabbing their victims and dragging them down deep into the ground. Need to stop this. But how? Mundus decides to return to the car.

Here you can always run, and adhere to the same direction as the pigs. The reference will also be the voice that Mundus hears. If he appears, then the hero moves correctly. The last monster will be attentive and will definitely notice it. Therefore we run without stopping, until the elevator appears.

The cultivation of the world

We leave from the elevator and we fall into the accomodation, which resembles conveyor. We turn to the other side, we find a room with a large number of barrels and dump one on the gears below. Then we find a tank with substance X, direct a searchlight to it and observe how a pig dies at the bottom. Go down and click all the switches that you can.

Further we run to the door with the inscription “Kanyzhnaya”, go down the high stairs and reach the elevator.

The veil rises, the bride waits

Then everything is simple. We go only to those doors that open. We reach a large room with tanks standing upright, and go there. In defense of the game, I want to say that Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs in its army has more than one type of monsters, and the second turn has just come.

Hide here will not work, so we find two control panels, activate each of them and destroy the monster.

Mundus goes down to the spirits

There is a long bridge ahead, it has several tiers. On them and we move to another building. There will be the same opponent, only this time it will have to run away from him. Once on the round platform, you need to run it. To do this, we find a ladder, climb up, run in a circle, activate four cone-shaped transparent mechanisms and go down to the platform.

Enoch, Edwin, Oswald and I

Next to the capsule with the person inside. We turn around and go straight, we listen to how the car begs to stop, but with a malicious smile we continue to move. Now Mundus is in no danger.

He quietly sits in a chair, presses a button, and the car pulls a heart out of it. At this point, the twentieth century. Humanity has been saved, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the game that has been described all this time, is ending.

Is such a huge building belongs to him?
Isn't it his fault that his children are missing?
But how?