Did you know that Natasha Koroleva has a sister? Here is how she looks and lives now

Few people know that Natasha Koroleva’s elder sister Irina Poryvai was a sought-after singer.

On her performances whole stadiums easily gathered. However, soon the artist, speaking under the pseudonym Rusya, disappeared.

A bright, distant singer Rusya (Irina PORRY) on her passport was like two peas in a pod like the sister of Natasha Korolev. There was a time, they acted and together - they went on tour with the program “Two Sisters” in all cities and villages.

None of the spectators suspected that a sick son was waiting for Ira at home. And all the many concerts were needed only to pay for his expensive treatment. And then Rusya unexpectedly disappeared ...

And then Rusya unexpectedly disappeared

In the Rush family, the older sister Ira was singled out for the singer, and the star, paradoxically, was the younger Natasha.

Before the star appeared on the Russian stage under the name Natasha Koroleva, her older sister Irina Poryvai was already a famous singer in Ukraine, performing under the pseudonym Rusya. The stage name (short for Irusya) was invented by her husband Konstantin Osaulenko, who was her producer and author of all the hits.

The happiness of Irina and Konstantin seemed cloudless. They got married, their joint work began to bear fruit - popularity grew. Two years after they met, Volodya’s son was born. Unfortunately, the boy had a terrible congenital disease - cerebral palsy. Serious money was required for his treatment.

Rusya squeezed out of her popularity everything she could: gave several concerts a day. In 1991, Irina and Constantine were invited to Canada to record their first album. They jumped at the chance to take the child abroad and show them to foreign doctors.

To earn her son’s treatment, she began giving private piano lessons. It did not bring much income. One after another failures fell on the spouses, real poverty “knocked” on the door. And here Ruse unexpectedly offered to work by profession - a conductor in the Church of St. Andrew in Toronto, belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The ministers of the church saw that the woman was worried about something, but they did not ask, understood, if necessary, she would tell. And then something happened that they were so afraid of.

“The doctors told us that he had violated all his functions, and when he begins to grow up, nature will simply kill him,” said Natasha Koroleva’s sister Irina Osaulenko on the “Tonight” program with Andrey Malakhov. “But we didn’t want to believe that the most irreparable could happen to our son.”


Eleven years, the family fought for the life of Volodya. “We were just on tour in Canada, and Ira and Kostya came to our concert,” recalls Natasha Koroleva. - And they call me from Kiev and say: "Natasha, Vova is no more." Not only do I have to go on stage after that, I have to tell my mother that her son is dead ... I then went out and sang a song about a swallow. So Vova on the tombstone and says "Swallow, swallow, you say hello ..."

After the death of Vova, Irina could not recover for a long time, her relatives were afraid that she might commit suicide. And then Irina's mother Lyudmila Poryvai persuaded her daughter to have a second child. Matvey was born a completely healthy baby, but at four years old, the doctors diagnosed him with autism. Now the boy is already twelve years old.

Later, in 2014, Natasha Koroleva published on her Facebook page a “video report” about her sister’s photo session:

“Natulya Rodnulya! For this photo session you brought me back to my youth, to my favorite songs, to my creative life, where I was so happy! Thank! Your Rusya, ”commented with gratitude Irina Osaulenko, performing on stage with the pseudonym Rusya, such a gift from her sister.

“Parents of such children can only sympathize, I know it by myself,” says the sister of Natasha Koroleva Irina Osaulenko. - Physically, this is a normal handsome boy, but for life he is completely unsuitable, he has a completely different perception. It's terrible, of course. ”

Despite such difficult tests that fell to her lot, Irina risked becoming a mother again. Ten years ago, she and her husband had a daughter, Sonya. She is absolutely healthy girl. “How nice that happened so! - says Irina. - Motia has Sonya, and she loves him terribly. And I understand that if something happens to me, the son will not be left alone in this world, he has a sister. ”

“Every day is a new problem. But probably these children are given in order to change us. Passing through difficulties, we change for the better, ”Irina’s husband explained.

Star aunt Natasha Koroleva helps the boy to fight. She pays for expensive treatment, and hopes that Irina’s life can finally get better.

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