Everything was as he wants, and not as it should

I want to share with you   sad story of my relationship   I hope for good advice and support

I want to share with you sad story of my relationship I hope for good advice and support. From despair and write here.

They met for almost two years. Before my boyfriend flew to work for 2 months in Spain, everything was not bad, but when I got there, everything changed dramatically. Not only did he leave me 2 weeks before arriving home in Kiev, he was also rude when he was there.

Arrived, the first week is fine. They made up, said that nerves, distance, this is our first time, that we separated for such a long time. But here everything was formed and I began to rejoice. But not for long. They began to quarrel, reproaches, rudeness, even raised his hand, scandals every other day. I was so in love with him that I forgave time after time and come back. And so it was five times.

He told me, they say, you have to work, although you yourself sit at home for days, playing games and spoiling your nerves to your parents. The guy is 23 years old! Tells me that I have to pass on the right and buy a car, although he does not know how to drive, he does not have a car. What should give him gifts, although for almost 2 years he gave me 3 bouquets (5 roses is not a bouquet) and they wilted the next day. It’s good that at least I found the money on my pendant, which I donated for my birthday. I'd rather think he would new furniture I bought myself, but as you know, they don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. And then all the money for beer and lowered to "prikolchiki", as he says.

He also says that I am a stupid, brainless creature, yes, yes, that’s what he says. I'm so offended, but I forgave a fool and forgive him, hoping that the boy would grow up. Because of him, I have mental problems, nerves, I have ceased to consider myself a person, unsure of myself.

Three days ago, I left him and I feel so bad ... I can’t even imagine what I am going through. Itching to call. If I did not know the phone by memory, it would be easier. It is very difficult to forget him. Tell me how? Time does not treat. Already billions of times parted. And then I realized that I would not return, I can not to him. And tears stream, do not even want to live. What happened with me?

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Tell me how?
What happened with me?