Leopard prototyp A tank review - guide, strengths and weaknesses in World of Tanks

  1. Crew
  2. Equipment
  3. In general, I will highlight such advantages and disadvantages of the machine.
  4. The best version of pumping
  5. Balance weight
  6. Profitability
  7. Tactics
  8. Optional equipment
  9. Equipment
  10. Crew feathers

Hello tankers! Today I continue to consider the new branch of ST Germany. Today on the queue the car to which many went. The car that many waited, they wanted to get right away. The machine that is the prototype of the main CT of this patch is Leopard 1. Meet the Medium Tier 9 tank of Leopard prototyp A:

Well, a level 9 machine is able to show teeth to any opponent. The price of this desired device is 3,450,000 credits and 172,800 experience. The sums are already significant, even for several days more than an active game they cannot be overcome.


As on the previous car, we have 4 crew members, so the crew will fully fit. Since the machine is level 9 and the crew significantly affects its characteristics, I recommend to retrain / train the crew immediately to 100%. This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Just train / retrain for gold. It will cost 200 * 4 = 800 gold.
  2. Dump the additional skills of the crew from the previous car and retrain for silver. Then part of the experience with add. skills will go to retraining to 100%. It will cost 40,000 * 8 = 160,000.

I also highly recommend installing camouflage on the car. A small increase in% stealth he will give. Especially since in the patch 0.8.5 its cost was significantly reduced. It will cost for this car 90 000 * 3 = 270 000 credits.



Need to explore a lot. The amounts are already quite large and almost everything needs to be opened from scratch. However, all the top modules will be the last. You will no longer need to explore the engines, tools and chassis in this branch of the German ST. This is your last frontier. Now we will analyze each module in more detail:

Now we will analyze each module in more detail:

Well, according to tradition, we need to install the chassis first. She will add us dynamics. Resistance on different soils, the speed of rotation and the strength of the tracks will change for the better, but the most important change is the increase in carrying capacity. This will give us the opportunity to install new, more advanced modules.

This will give us the opportunity to install new, more advanced modules

Unlike the previous car, we have a pumped tower. Install a new tower is required. It will increase the visibility, which is very important for an average tank, will add some strength to the vehicle and will allow you to install a more sophisticated weapon. The reservation is still to change, but this will have almost no effect on the overall situation. We have a large enough cardboard case so that we were shot at a small tower which quite often ricochet =)

We have a large enough cardboard case so that we were shot at a small tower which quite often ricochet =)

One of the most significant features of this CT is its top weapon. We deal huge one-time damage, an average of 390 units. Damage is perfectly combined with good accuracy and rate of fire. Many clever rivals will avoid meeting your weapon. It is worth of experience a lot, but worth it. As I said above, the gun is relatively quickly reduced, reloads and has more than good accuracy. Playing him well can cause a lot of damage per battle and, therefore, get a lot of experience and credits.

Playing him well can cause a lot of damage per battle and, therefore, get a lot of experience and credits

I will say right away that there is a huge distance between the stock and the top engine. Top engine adds us about 200 liters. with., but the increase is felt immediately. For ST is very important. Also, this engine can be called unique since the chance of engine ignition is 10%. The game has not yet had engines with such a low percentage of fire. Therefore, theoretically, in patch 0.8.5, with the introduction of "gold" consumables for silver, you can use something more useful instead of a fire extinguisher. But we will talk about this below.

But we will talk about this below

We are given a fairly good top radio station. The communication distance will be enough for us. Ignoring the installation of a better radio station can not, especially ST. You should know what is happening all over the map, and not guessing at the coffee grounds ...

In general, I will highlight such advantages and disadvantages of the machine.

Pros :

  • Great speaker
  • Excellent one-time damage for ST
  • Good accuracy and rate of fire
  • Good review

Cons :

  • Weak booking
  • Tall and massive silhouette
  • High priority of enemies

The best version of pumping

  1. Running gear
  2. Tower
  3. Tool
  4. Engine
  5. Radio station

Balance weight

Balance weight

As can be seen from the table, we get to 9 - 11 levels of battles. It will be comfortable for us to play everywhere thanks to good dynamic indicators and a wonderful instrument. We can break through all, and stable damage in large quantities is the main indicator of a good game.


Not about what kind of pharmacy, even with the PA, is out of the question. You can consistently play plus, but still you can’t call this plus a farm. Naturally, without a PA, there will be big minuses and there definitely will need to play on what brings a very good income. If you use gold shells or consumables for silver, then with a good game with the PA, there can be no question of playing even at zero.


Did you play T-54? Not? Then learn! Well, actually, and all the basics of tactics =) Even though we can play the role of support as on the previous machine, we should not play like that. Except when against you 4 ST 10 level, then naturally it is not necessary to climb into a heap. We have speed and a great weapon, we need to quickly occupy key positions on the map and, through our damage, provide an advantage. With our speed, you can circle the TT, the main thing is never to go alone. We do not have armor, so you can not stand still. Any hit of art can be very painful and last. I rolled a platoon of 3 leopards, naturally not Krivorukov, got a bunch of fun. Two or three of these machines, when properly applied, are able to endure a whole direction, the main thing is not to act as brazenly as the T-54 in those times when the whole team remained to catch 4 cockroaches at the base. And then they will cut out all the arta, 4 - 5 TTs on the base and will leave again =). Think about what you are doing and do not brazenly much, then the game on this machine will be productive and will bring a lot of fun.

Optional equipment

  • Rammer - obvious why
  • Stabilizer - to reduce the range of information by 20% is quite important
  • Fan - in general, a little increase all the characteristics

The latter can be replaced by enlightenment


Now it is possible to buy gold consumables for silver and a lot of options have appeared, I recommend this:

  • Remkomplekt - big or small it depends on you
  • First aid kit - the same as when choosing
  • Either additional repair kit or first aid kit, or chocolate. - it all depends on you. Personally, I used chocolate because problems with credits are extremely rare for me, and a fire extinguisher with 10% engine ignition is needed once for 30 battles.

Crew feathers

Since we have almost reached leopard 1, we will be guided by it, of course, not forgetting the current car.


  1. Repairs
  2. BB
  3. Mentor


  1. Repairs
  2. BB
  3. Sniper

Driver mechanic

  1. Repairs
  2. BB
  3. Smooth ride or off-road king


  1. Repairs
  2. BB
  3. Desperate

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